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Quote originally posted by electro12:
Username: Electro
Your Favorite Pony of the Mane 6: Fluttershy
Additional Information: I choose Fluttershy because my personality is like hers....shy and timid. I speak softly like her. I am not exactly sure what got me into MLP, but I would say it was curiosity after a fallout with my former friends. The more I watched, the more I realized about friendship and friendship is a magical thing for my life. It has taught me about friendships and I need to make new friends.

Welcome, Electro12! Glad to see a fellow Fluttershy fan here! Curiosity also got me into MLP too, as well as friends.

I do speak softly like Fluttershy as well, I have a soft voice irl, and that's only when I'm shy. When I'm all warmed up, I'm loud.

Anyways, how's everypony treating the off-season? Anyone doing pony-related things like watching the three seasons all over again or doing any creativity things like writing?

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