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Quote originally posted by aco:
can someone help me how i bet aya with my team
When your Pokemon don't listen to you, it's definitely going to be tough. o-o Might be best to train something else to that level that'll be good against her, and that way you have something else to help soak up the EXP so you don't breach the level cap too much.

...although I'm surprised you have levels that high across the board as is...

Quote originally posted by Ashka:

EDIT: Also showed a Chimecho to the guy on Azurine Island but I can see no way to actually get into the cage to take the Bulbasaur.
It should open if you "talk" to it.

Quote originally posted by ligerre:
Where is zorua? I cant find it anywhere. The wasteland sidequest is awesome, and how the hell that a lv10 gasly can make an illusion that beat the **** out of my team (thank you intimidate).
Speaking of Illusion, Zorua probably won't appear in its own form...
But yeah, Ghastly's a huge troll. Maybe it just hypnosis'd you and you imagined the whole thing or something, idk.

Quote originally posted by KagamiChan:
10 Gyms to go, then I can finally explore Pokémon Reborn *o*
Awh, well, I'll try to hurry~
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