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"Because when you play this hack, you will screech too!"
Hack name: Pokémon Screech Version
Base game: Pokémon FireRed
Status: Complete

I worked on this hack with an off site friend. We got the idea from somewhere, and from there, it grew. We made quite a few changes to the ROM, although not big. We hope you enjoy the hack and the huge surprise you'll get! There isn't much of a changed story, we mainly did this for fun and humor. It's like a harder version of FireRed, but with a twist

What you can expect
  • Lots of screeching in the main story.
  • Something horrifying happens on the Sevii Islands...
  • Dialogue changes have been made based around the changes made
  • And much much more!
  • Oh and the hack comes in two flavors, Regular and Challenging! As you might think, its a little bit harder than Regular.


In the included .ZIP, there are two patches and a readme.
Patch them on a clean FireRed rom!


(Impossible mode coming soon)

Also, if you find any issues at all, we churned this out in a month, so its a bit rough and has lots of room for improvement. Please report any issues you find and ill get around to fixing them in a few years correct them as soon as possible.
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