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Game idea

name: Pokemon Vee/Pokemon V

Hack of: (idk yet. most likely Ruby when it's made.)

Story: You are in the region of (name here) and you have been chosen to get a pokemon! Professor (tree name) will be expecting you tomorrow! You are so excited, that you can't sleep! So you take a walk outside.
Team (name) is flying overhead in their blimp. They have just extracted the DNA from a single eevee and will use it on a pikachu to make it able to evolve into 8 different types. When suddenly some idiot grunt hits a lever, causing the only small vial they have to fall out of the blimp from the door. The vial hits you and thinking it's hailing (it being winter) you go back inside and into bed. The next day you find yourself with a tail and eevee ears. Afraid someone will see, you cut a hole in the back of a backpack and wear the backpack and a hat. You also have a bag at your side for pokeballs, potions etc.
You arrive at the prof.'s house and you recieve (strangely) an EEVEE. Your neighbor, (female name) had already had gotten a torchic, on request.

That's all I have so far, the only other material I have:
-Your rival tries to be nice and hold that "heavy backpack" and reveals your tail, even after you say no. (Also the rival is confused why you have TWO bags, that is why she wants to hold it for you.)
-A grunt finds out that you are part eevee, due to the fact that your ear is sticking out of your hat a little.
-Due to being part eevee, you can now talk to pokemon.
-A random line later on: "Run eevee girl, run!" ~Team (name) leader

Yeah, unlike other games, this game will sound better if you choose a girl character. Girl will be substituted for boy, but girl sounds better. I don't think I'll add new pokemon. Legendary is undecided. Maybe I'll split it into three and make it the legendary ca- oh wait eevee is a fox, so I need a fox-like legendary. Any ideas? Maybe the Cats are fine. People call them beasts/dogs anyway.

Any ideas?

Rom Hacking?

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