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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
But there are instances where crimes solely against an individual are labelled a hate crime. Where someone has been killed, but that the person responsible did not know the person was gay. But because he was gay, it becomes a hate crime.

That's very very dangerous territory if we're treating certain types of people as more important in the eyes of the law.
That's not the purpose of hate crimes laws. Anyone trying to apply them that way is doing it wrong. They aren't meant to make certain groups of people more important under the law, but to state that certain motivating factors for committing crimes are extra reprehensible and more deserving of punishment.

I mean, if you've got two murders and one was done out of a personal issue (jealousy, let's say) and one where the murderer just didn't like that the person was black (or gay, or whatever) then you've got two different types of criminals. One of them is more dangerous, I would say, because their anger/trigger isn't limited to one person or one circumstance, but to a whole segment of society. They're more likely to cause more harm.

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