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Secondary Thread Post

Support Userbar:

  • Changed Region Name from Azel to Azeon; region names should be five letters long and include an 'o'.
  • Changed Starter to Riolu.
  • Added new tiles.
  • Changed font to Diamond/Pearl text.
  • Decapitalized text.
  • Added even more tiles.
  • Changed Starters to Axew and Litwick.
  • Implemented JPAN's Hacked-Engine.
  • Increased Filesize to 32 MB; UPS (Tsukuyomi) must be used to patch.
  • Mapping
  • Even more tiles.

This original post:
Username: DeltaSalamence, Tosaka
Skills/Traits: OCD, Mapping, Indexing, Pretty much a superutility
Applying as: Anything
Proof of work: VBA Programmer..?
Contact Info: [email protected], Skype: Mizunohydra
Will you be devoted and active?: Everyday from 4:00 PM to 3:00 AM EST.


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