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Originally Posted by Midnight-Umbreon View Post
Ok I'm playing yellow, and I have got to Lavender Town and in the pokemon tower even though I know it won't do anything (I played yellow when I was about 5) I tried attacking one of the ghosts for the fun of it and the ghost said 'Get out... Get out......' And I honestly can't remember if its normal. Cuase I have read about all the messed up rumurs with lavender town and I know there fake but now Lavender is just scaring me, I'm honestly freaked out.... I mean I never rember being creeped out with the game when I was younger so am I just paranoid and scaring myself. I know it sounds stupid but it took me ages to get to Lavender town as my game kept freezing it the cartridge came out. I just need to know if its normal for ghosts to talk I can't find anything online.
That's totally normal, you need to get the Silph Scope from the Rocket Hideout in Celadon City and they'll turn into Haunter, Gastly and Cubone.
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