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Quote originally posted by PokemonHackUserGba:
@darkrisinggirl hey I am new to the world of roms and hacked games and so I was wondering if you can send me a complete file of the 1st dark rising I think it seems amazing and it may be my favorite from the many that I have researched. I want to make my first hacked rom game to be a great and full game , so please if your first version is complete may I play it?
Distributing the ROMs is against the rules.

Quote originally posted by cheatfreak23:
After downloading the Wild PKMN list and going over the EV values, based on what is more common to encounter on the lists, Ive determined that it is impossible to EV train Special Attack until pretty late in the game, which makes my situation even worse since nothing in the first three areas even gives Special ATK EVs.
Then go for Attack EV training first and Sp.Att as soon as possible after finishing.
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