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Dusknoir Ultimate Solo Challenge Diamond 3rd update
Met Mr.Backlot
CUred the Psyducks Headache saw Cynthia again and got the Old Charm to Deliver
Got HM05 Defog
Reached Celestic Town and beat the Team Galactic Member threatening to blow the town up and beat him
Delivered the Old Charm
Looked Around the Ruins
Learned about the Lake Guardians and Got HM03 Surf
Met Cyrus again
Beat Fantina of Heathome City he ghosts dropped like Flys to my Boojingles

Met Cynthia again pointed me toward Canalave City
Got the Poketch apps I earned thus far in Jublife
Got My Pokedex upgraded by Dawn's Father
Faced Sinpol again on Canalave Bridge

Beat Byron of Canalave Gym, Had a little trouble think I need to teach Boojingles a fighting move before I face Candice

Met Sinpol outside the gym, Went to the Library with him and Dawn and Rowan were and Rowan sends us off to check lakes (I got Valor) when suddenly...
Boom! the ground Rumbles and we learn someone blew up Lake Valor so I go to investigate
Of course the culprits behind it? Team Galactic as always so I cleaned the garbage and their Commander Saturn from the lake, Especially since they called my town a hick town (and those poor Magikarp)
Went Straight to Lake Verity because of hints from Saturn, and battled my way through to Help Dawn with Commander Mars (Slapped her Purugly around good this time)
Unfortunately Both Commanders got the Lake Pokemon they were after and the Fate of my freind Sinpol unkown
So after a long day of Battling Strong Trainers and Fighting for Justice
I save and Quit for the moment.
My Tean

Boojingles Dusknor Female Lvl.63
Moves:Night Shade, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball,Shadow Fist

My Progress:
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