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I'm amazed by this, science really has outdone itself this time round. The thing here is though, I'm amazed by the development of this but I'm very much against bringing back the majority of extinct species. The way I see it, it would be okay to bring back a single specimen of a fairly averagely sized animal to study its behaviour but we shouldn't try to repopulate the Earth with animals that natural selection has already killed off. So no mammoths, no diprotodons and sure as hell no dinosaurs - assuming it was even possible to do so since it is probably impossible to find gametes from any of those.

I definitely agree with using this development to try and repopulate any species that is going extinct because of human involvement, and maybe even trying to bring back Dodos or Tasmanian Tigers, but I honestly don't see much point if it will be a futile endeavour (meaning we'll just kill them off again).
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