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Purple just means new Pokemon on the list. Everything on there can be captured in the wild in some way. Then obviously, they can evolve, but that list only includes "capture in the wild" Pokemon, so evolution-only isn't included. That means that you can capture Igglybuff (as seen on the list), but in order to get Jigglypuff, you have to evolve. Jigglypuff isn't on the list because it cannot be captured in the wild.

Maybe I'll rework the list after work to clarify.

Day/Night can easily be worked around by changing the time on the computer; however, if people really want to stay "true" to the system, I think it's a nice way to integrate Pokemon :3 Also, with 649 Pokemon available, and limited encounter rates, I think it's necessary to fit every Pokemon in smoothly.

Thanks for commenting, Nickaloose. I tried to take screenies that showed plot development or the mapping. Maybe if demo-testers will take some of their screenies, I'll add it to the first post; otherwise, I'll try to do another run-through and add them.

Alpha 1.1 includes two gyms, a few plot scenarios, two rival battles and quite a few towns and routes. It may take a month or two to develop Alpha 2.0. I'd be fantastic if you'd try it out at that point.

Thanks! ^^

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