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Hi guuuys! :3 Hope you're all having a great day!

Originally Posted by * typhlosion * View Post
So... Let's begin this xD

Hi there! How are you people doing? (My mom always thought me good manners :D)

Ok... let's get serious: I'm * typhlosion * and guess what is my favorite pokémon :D If you thought it was Typhlosion you are wrong xD I have many favorite pokémons, I can't pick one over the others, but here is a "small" list: Arcanine, Lapras, Crobat, Sneasel, Tyranitar, Typhlosion (obviously xD), Heracross, Salamence, Togekiss, and of course the little yellow mouse that we all say that we hate him, but everyone loves him :D

More things... I'm a student, and like every other student I hate school. I love eat what I shouldn't and hate eat what I should, annoy my parents and all the things that kids do nowadays xD

I registered myself in PC because I have a dream: hacking xD I don't know jack about this but I need something to do that prevents falling a sleep in classes that involves computers xD Apart from that, I can say that Liquid Crystal was the game that made the "click". I love that game and I always will love.

So... after I embarrassed myself here I'm going to read the Holy Book of hacking (a couple of times xD) and see you guys in a few days xD
Wow, Typhlosion isn't your favorite? I'd never assume otherwise. :O But omg I hate school too. I'm a senior in college and am just about done with only four classes left. Good thing too, since it's so annoying to have to go for so long at this point.

But awww, I'm sure you didn't embarrass yourself, we've all been there before on forums! I remember getting a warning on another forum one time for having a large signature. Disappeared from there for a few days when that happened since I was so embarrassed haha.
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