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Quote originally posted by DarkBreloom:
I am starting to hate Pokemon crystal for no reason other than I have been looking for a shiny voltorb in mahogany town for let's see......14,412 Random encounters and I found one and the first move it uses is Self-destruct....
That sucks D: good luck reclaiming such a long hunt...

Quote originally posted by Kitori:
No more progress on the zorua hunt... I couldn't bring myself to MM today even though I had all day off and literally played all day... ; 1536 RE on route 14 and no shiny yet. *crosses fingers* I'll be restarting HG to do a monotype challenge play-through with water pokemon. I'm hoping to SR for the legendaries once I get that far.

Oh my, that happens to me a lot! Haha. Not quite that late usually, though. I feel like an old-timer I cant stay up very late anymore. >( Good luck with your hunts! I watched your videos tonight and they're awesome. I'm considering making my own youtube channel for shiny hunting. ;

Oh noooo! That sucks! I'm sorry ;_;

Good luck on all those legendaries! I'm sure HGSS has the most of all games lol! A lovely plethora of shinies to hunt.
I ended up going till like 4 last night o_o I need to get my sleep schedule back on track lol! Thank you for the luck and the views! I hope they instilled at least a little motivation in you!

My hunts:
Eevee MM - 1201 Eggs
Moltres SRs - 1993 SRs
I was walking to school the other week when, thinking about something completely different, my brain offered up the following prediction "I think I'm going to get all three birds in under the odds." With my huge luck at getting Zapdos in 1,300 something and Articuno just over 3,000, that leaves me room of about 3,758 SRs to get Moltres. Hopefully that prediction will come true; less than 1000 SRs to Moltres if so!
Anyone want to predict a number for my Eevee hunt to motivate me? Lol :D

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