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Quote originally posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire:
Hilda and Hilbert don't seem like mainstream American names, nor were the Japanese region based characters given Japanese sounding names in translation, so I sort of doubt that they'll be European.
In the case of Hilda and Hilbert, supposedly those were meant to be English-variant translations of the B/W characters' names: Tōko and Tōya, respectively. Since "tō" means "to fight" in Japanese, the English versions were given those respective names because "hild" is a Germanic word for "battle". Much like how the D/P characters Dawn and Lucas were names for "light" because their Japanese names meant the same thing.

So, whatever the root word is for X and Y's two main characters in Japanese, you can be sure that the English names will go with a similar meaning.
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