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Dulinhel Elenren - Xin Kou, Shingou

By the time the plump woman started to stir, most of what seemed to be the group of warriors had assembled, gathered around the two large knights. One of them, the gruffer of the two grunted and spoke in deep tones to the rest of the group.
"We've lost two of ours. And this was in only a few waves this heathen unleashed. If we do not stop that Necromancer soon, you may end up joining the fallen." Interesting how the man said you instead of us, as if he thought himself invincible and that he could not die to the creatures. No, it couldn't be that. The look in the man's eyes seemed to show that he knew just how dangerous the necromancer was, and that death awaited them all if they did not tread with caution.

Taking a look at the group, the elf woman could easily see the amount of pain that the entire group was in. Blood, wounds, and slightly protruding bones showed themselves, as well as general weariness and the haunted look in all of their eyes that all who were sane had after killing. All of them seemed to have sustained wounds, some more serious than others, all of them appearing more threatening than her own. Dulinhel's attention shifted as one of the group members stirred in the arms of a man, who then lowered the woman to the ground. She then pulled herself into a sitting position. Staring at the wound in her chest, she shakily said, "I-I can fix you. Heal." She placed her hand over her chest and muttered some words, some sort of prayer, and the wound on her chest slowly closed itself up, stitching muscle and flesh together.

She then went around the group, healing the two knights and the other two of the group. Dulinhel made her quick escape, not wanting the woman to waste her energy on her. She could heal her own injuries, given some time. They were starting to scar over anyway, some new bandaged along with some herbs, and she would be fine.Scrounging around the town, she managed to collect a few dozen arrows that were still intact. The fletching on some of them were not quite up to what she would call acceptable, and a few of the shafts were slightly bent, but they would have to do for now. She didn't really have time to be picky. Then she spoke with a few of the villagers. Her
Shingouese was not great, but it was passable, and she managed to barter for s a small pouch of medicinal herbs by trading a few trinkets she had picked up along the journey. After treating her wounds, she returned to the group to see if they had made any decisions about what to do next. She overheard one of the knights speaking with one of the townspeople, saying something about a temple in the mountains. Could that be where the necromancer was hiding out? Possibly. It would make sense. Secluded enough for him to do his work, but not too far away so that he could have access to some corpses.

One of the knights spoke up when reaching the group.
"Roland. They said it was 'over there.' It is a short hike in the mountains. Nothing too hard to reach on foot. Identified by...let's see if I can translate this right...a old door once sealed with magic, surrounded by bodies. It appears the area was once a temple, with a large wooden door and a stone foundation. Apparently the immediate area is charred by black magic or something. They were very elabroate with the description." So the temple was the necromancer's base.

"We should make haste," the large man named Roland suggested, readying his horse for departure. He turned to Dulinhel, his eyes looking her over, as if analyzing how well she could fight. "If you can hold your own in combat, you are welcome to accompany us. I am Roland Grey. With me is my brother Percival, as well as Auden and Tamor of Raelus." He gestured to each of them as he said their names.

Dulinhel replied softly, "I would be happy to accompany you, for now. The necromancer must be stopped." Mounting her own horse, a ragged thing she took from the stable, its owner killed by the undead, she followed after the rest of the group. She didn't think that anyone would miss the horse for now, and she would return it once she was done with it. Maybe. As they rode along, winding up a mountain path that lead deeper and higher into the peaks, she got to learn a bit about each of the travelers.

Ser Roland and Percival were brothers, both from the Ethorian house of Grey, although the two did not seem to get along very well. She gathered that Percival had done something to offend the family, and had left to somewhere in Elysia. He seemed rather free spirited, and definitely had his own ideas and philosophy about life. Roland on the other hand was completely the opposite, the ideal knight. Brought up focusing on ideals and traditions, he seemed to have very clear ideas about right and wrong. Dulinhel felt as though she could trust the two for the most part, they didn't seem like the type to betray the rest of the group.

Compared to the two knights, the other two travelers seemed a bit off. The mage Aguden seemed rather levelheaded, but something seemed off about his personality, something that she could just not quite place. What she did learn about him was that he was quite the formidable mage, which was probably the cause of the burnt corpses left on the battlefield at Xin Kou. He and the last traveler seemed rather close, a woman who did a very good job of hiding it. Shrouded mostly in various articles of clothing, it was quite difficult to discern her gender, or even her appearance. She had a much more cautious nature, even though her eyes seemed to gleam with excitement, and heartily laughed at some of the few jokes told along the way. Still, there was something about her that Dulinhel just couldn't place, something that didn't seem right...

After only a few hours of riding through the green mountains, the lair of the necromancer came into view. Almost immediately, the elf woman felt a wave of nausea come over her seeing the entrance. The once great wooden doors were blasted off of the entrance, lying on the ground charred and mostly disintegrated, great marble pillars holding up the mountain from caving in over the entrance to the great temple. But the nauseating part was the piles of decaying corpses and decorated sculls that lay by the pillars, a form of both warning and display of the necromancer's strength. Following the rest of the group, she walked past the pillars into the depths of the temple. The passageway was wide enough for a few of them to walk side by side, and evenly spaced torches lit the entire thing, casting eerie shadows along the walls. The walls and some sections on the floor were slick with condensation, the moisture allowing moss and fungus to grow, which gave the temple a decrepit feeling.

Eventually, after passing through several large rooms displaying broken statues of
Shingouese gods, those with heads staring down at the group with watchful eyes. Eventually, the group came to their destination, a large circular room, with a cracked stone staircase leading up to a raised dais towards the back of the room. A large iron throne sat atop the platform, and the imposing figure who could only be the necromancer sat comfortably in it. He was clothed in aging red robes, and a dark black hood covered his head. His eyes flared with magic as he peered out from under the hood. He was tall, but rather skinny for his height. Several belts made out a dark leather adorned his waist, and multiple knives sat in various sheaths, as well as a large number of small bottles, probably some sort of potions.

The necromancer looked up with a crazy look in his eyes and an insane grin on his face.
"You must be the group that has sent my creations back to the hells that spawned them. No matter, you will be added to my collection soon enough."

"Not likely", Dulinhel muttered under her breath.

The necromancer then stared past the group,
"Would you look here," the Necromancer cackled as he laid dark eyes on the plump woman from before, "the fat one has decided to appear. Heva, the Healthy, is that what the villagers were calling you. Yes, yes it was until I purged them from existence!" The Necromancers chuckled darkly sending a chill down Dulinhel's spine.

Beckoning behind him, an army of undead creatures took ranks alongside the throne, with two twisted corpses looking fresher than the rest leading the mass of monsters. The two at the front meant nothing to Dulinhel, but she heard a sharp gasp from Roland as he saw the creatures. Ignoring all else at that point, she called out, "I'll try to keep the rest of the group busy, try to focus on the two leaders and the necromancer!" Taking off to the right side of the room, she pulled a rusty dagger out of the sheath of some poor soul and taking aim threw it straight and true into the shoulder of one of the two leader undead creatures. Then pulling out her bow as the undead swarmed forward, she reached into herself and cast some spells on an arrow as she drew the bow back and fired. The arrow landed solidly in the eye socket of one of the creatures in the lead, killing it instantly. A split second later, the arrow exploded in flames, throwing corpses in all directions, killing some, stunning others. "Great", she muttered to herself, "A dozen down, a few hundred more to go."

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