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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
By league I meant the gyms too, thus we're made to explore the region so that we can challenge the E4 and champion xD.

Xander raised an interesting point in the Mewtwo thread, that with all the mentioning of Kanto in the anime, and now Mewtwo's suppose new forme, joking about Kanto remakes. I thought back to the idea that Kanto may appear in these has appeared in every generation except for that of it's clone (gen V). Could Kanto perhaps reappear in these games after all?
That's an interesting point.

I dare point out that the reason Kanto wasn't in Gen. V is because HG/SS were on the same system, and thus it was irrelevant to redo it somewhere else. However, the move to the 3DS means another chance to rebuild Kanto.


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