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Well it's hard to decide you a team, because everyone will probably most likely be giving all sorts of suggestions. I'm not sure what sort of Pokemon you like working with as in the bulky type, generally good attackers, a diverse team or anything really. However without further ado I can recommend you put at least one of these Pokemon on your team, seeing as I've used them before and they're pretty good depending on how long you can wait to get certain team members.

Well firstly for good Pokemon you can catch rather early in the game I'd recommend a Shinx which evolves into Luxio then Luxray. It's the earliest electric-type you can probably find in-game but it still packs a punch and can do wonders if you give it the right moveset. It has access to a huge range of attacks that consist of the many fangs, strong electric-type attacks and even moves such as Superpower. However there are still some other fantastic electric-types out there such as Electivire and Magnezone but you'll have to wait far into the game probably to get your hands on one. For Magnezone you can only find it's first stage evolution at Fuego Ironworks which you can't access without Surf and for Electivire, you can't find Electrabuzz until right before the last gym. So yeah depends how patient and willing you are to get your team members.

Seeing as you won't be using your starter, you'll still definitely need a water-type. In fact I find it ridiculously hard to play the games without one. For a good water type I'd suggest either Floatzel or Gyarados, both with different types and interesting movesets. Golduck is pretty decent as well, but usually I use Empoleon seeing as it's the most powerful at least in my eyes.

And I would recommend you get a flying type as well. Staraptor is powerful but the normal/flying typing isn't too diverse so I'd say you should try Crobat! Crobat is a wonderful addition to all the teams I've placed it in, it's tricky to train in the beginning as a Zubat but trust me it's definitely worth it in the end. n__n

Other than that all I can say is your team should most likely have a water-type, a flying, an electric and essentially all the basic types that make a good team. Good luck! n_n