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Zephyr grimaced as he strode through the interior of Mt. Pyre, his normally composed face taken over by fear and worry. On his back, he carried the unconscious body of a swarthy skinned girl in a blue sarong with floral designs.

This girl was his fellow Elite Four member and childhood friend, Phoebe. A ghost type trainer with a loving heart, she had attempted to communicate with the bitter overlord of the Reverse World, only to have her shadow reaped from her.

He’d only learned the true consequences after he’d calmed down from his tantrum and observed her carefully. His shadow was still plain as day while hers was nowhere to be found. She was not breathing and her body had gone stone cold, but her heart continued to breathe and blood continued to flood. He could only assume that she had yet to actually die.

He was determined to make sure that she did not pass on.

But first, how was he going to do that? He was focused on leaving Mt. Pyre promptly and finding help, but who should he go to? Who could help such a predicament, when he had never heard of such a thing happening before in all of his travels?


Perhaps Tate and Liza of Mosdeep could help? But even if they were psychic type gym leaders, it was doubtful they knew much about this. This was well outside the specialty of even a ghost type master, such as Phoebe.


Someone who studied ancient myths might be of help. If that was the case, he knew just to person. But that man tended to be a little difficult to handle. And even if Zephyr could somehow manage, that man tended to only be found when he wanted to.

"AAAAAHHHHH—Oof!!! Damn it; that could have hurt!"

Zephyr’s mind and body came to a halt as a figure fell through a weak portion of the ceiling above, surrounded by a mound of sand to help cushion his fall as they landed right before Zephyr on the ground. Zephyr knew the floors in this graveyard could be weak in some places, but this person had fallen with a lot more force than that—as if he’d come straight from the top.

This man had wavy blonde hair and wore a beige jacket and had sore areas all over his body that marked where injuries were. Zephyr narrowed his eyes slightly as he considered the man briefly.

"That accent…Are you from Kanto?"

"Huh? Oh, another person. Yeah, I’m from Kanto. Francois, gym leader of Cinnabar."

Francois stood up despite his wound, apparently not bothered by any pain he should have felt. Zephyr noted this curiously as Francois held out a hand to him. Zephyr shifted Phoebe’s body so that he could shake the hand.

"Elite Four Zephyr. It’s a pleasure."

"Elite Four? Well you’ve got me beat. Who would have thought I would meet one of Hoenn’s Four Heavenly Kings here? Although, I guess it’s not so strange when you consider the situation we’re in."

"‘Situation’…eh?" Zephyr murmured bitterly, mostly to himself. He could easily guess that this person was one of the people who held a piece of Arceus within him, though it was possible that he didn’t even know it. It seemed the Schola were not being half-hearted with their attempts if they managed to even involve someone from Kanto. "In any case, you should count your blessings that you’re alive. It would be smart to leave while you still have that life."

Francois’ brow furrowed as he heard those words and he prepared to refuse almost at once with a vehement tone. But he was cut off as the walls on either side of them suddenly had a hole burst into them, one side by the powerful pressure of water and the other side by physical force.

"Ugeh…I’m soaking wet now…Oh, Francois! What are you doing here as well?"

"…I finally reached the proper interior of Mt. Pyre, eh? Wait, why is an Elite Four member here?"

On the side with water, a young pretty girl with a small white windbreaker and bonnet stumbled into sight, closely followed by a Tropius. Hovering over her shoulder was a cheerful Chimecho who began singing upon seeing more people.

The person who came through the other side was a more traditional looking Pokémon trainer; jacket, sneakers, and jeans. He had dark matted hair and had followed his Aggron’s digging pace by riding uphill on back. Zephyr and Francois could guess that the reason he was so pale and unsteady was from the effort he’d put in the ride.

"Nice timing Solana," Francois greeted the girl easily enough before raising an eyebrow at the guy in jeans. "I guess you’re another one who was dragged into this, huh?"

"Call me Zane." The man nodded as he frowned in exasperation. "You have a piece of Arceus as well?"

Francois nodded in agreement along with Zephyr, but Solana didn’t seem to have heard. Her eyes widened to the size of dish plates as she stared at Zane’s shirt, particularly the chest area.

"Take off your shirt!" She cried as she hurried over toward Zane, stumbling a bit on her way. Zane was immediately bewildered, uncertain of what she meant. "Take it off!"


Solana didn’t bother waiting for him to understand. She gripped his shirt with her hands and ripped the front open with surprising ease, baring Zane’s chest. Francois’ eyes widened as Zephyr clicked his tongue, both reacting to the horrible sight of a bleeding gash across Zane’s chest.

"That explains why he’s so weak on his feet." Zephyr realized with a dark tone as Francois shook his head back and forth. "That’s a deep wound, too. You must have lost a lot of blood on your way up. It looks like you were attacked by an Excadrill or Armaldo."

"Armaldo…?" Francois repeated under his breath, but Zane shook his head. He wasn’t able to put up much of an effort to retain his pride as Solana took off his ripped shirt and jacket, leaving him bare-chested as she forced him to sit on the floor. Apparently, she had every intention of performing an immediate operation on the spot.

"It was a Pawniard with exceptionally sharp claws. If you guys don’t mind…can you tell me what’s happened to you so far?"

And so they three traded stories right there, starting from their first encounter with the Schola. Francois spoke for both himself and the occupied Solana, though she did try her best to explain her short battle with Xansa; Schola’s leader.

By the time they had finished, everyone’s eyes were on the unconscious girl lying in front of Zephyr. Tears were spilling down from Solana’s eyes even as she tried to finish bandaging Zane, having finished healing his wound with her unique ability. Zane remained silent as he felt how shaky her trembling hands were, murmuring all the while; "You poor thing…" He was sure she wasn’t just referring to Phoebe.

"Unless you can do anything about her current state, don’t dwell on it." Zephyr spoke without any apparent concern, though there was some pain hidden in his eyes. "She has a strong spirit; stronger than mine. We have a more pressing situation in front of us."

Francois could only sigh in response to Zephyr’s words. It seemed that being one of the Four Heavenly Kings meant that you were a strong person in more ways than one. If he had been in Zephyr’s situation, he would have snapped permanently. For this guy to calmly move, even if it was useless to dwell on things…It was incredible.

But he was right. They had bigger things to worry about.

"From what you all said," Zephyr went on in a thoughtful tone. "We all arrived at different times and have been here for a different length of time. And yet we’re all here after those sequences of events, all at the same time. That means that both time and space are really distorted."

"So this ‘planetary paralysis’ thing is actually possible." Zane sighed miserably. "This really is the worst. Maybe we should just let them use Giratina to erase the distortions. That way, we won’t have to be killed and the world can be saved."

"That’s just like giving up!" Francois suddenly flared up with fury. "Those people attacked us! That monster took this girl’s shadow and put her in a near death state! We can’t just let them do whatever them want just because we’re having trouble beating them! I refuse to run like a coward!"

"Francois…just what are you fighting against?" Solana eyed him in confusion as she shifted her body away from Zane now that she had finished with him. "If we just ruin whatever they are doing now, we may force them to kill us. And even if we prevent that from happening, we’d just ensure the world’s destruction. If that’s the case, is there any point in winning?"

"There’s got to be another way!" Francois insisted stubbornly, shaking his head back and forth. "You can’t lose your fighting spirit just because it looks a bit hopeless! You’re part of the Elite Four, aren’t you, Zephyr? And you have a piece of Arceus that gives you some super puzzle solving ability! Can’t you figure something out?"

Zephyr didn’t respond immediately. His dull eyes were locked onto Phoebe’s peaceful face in silence. The others wondered briefly if depression had caught up with him, but when he finally spoke, his words were calm and pensive.

"The whole world ceasing to rotate…and all of life disappearing in the unstable environment. Even if the world is suffering from distortions in time and space, what does that have to do with this seemingly scientific phenomena?"

This sent a jolt through the other three. It was true that it was strange to think that simply distorting time and space would result in the planet stopping. A number of other things possibly came to mind, such as reversal of culture, mass hysteria, worldwide destruction, spacequakes, and a few others. But simply stopping the earth’s movement…was that something that could be done even by distorting time and space?

Zephyr aimed his empty eyes in the direction of the three without really looking at them. His dull expression lacked any energy, but they could see gears turning in the back of his head as he spoke his next words, holding one finger up before slowly raising a second finger as he spoke.

"The answer lies with the self-proclaimed priestess of the Schola who came from the future…and the girl who is currently not present, claiming to be able to see the future."
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