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Actually, you should definitely consider other people's opinions. I mean things you should have done before releasing a beta in the first place was not have a release date at all. This hack could have been done a lot better than it is now in my opinion. Since you made a release date you pressured yourself to release a beta in time without at least fixing the many bugs it had. This hack had potential. Sadly it wasn't fully brought out. And the Physical/Special split does work. If you mean the icons next to the move then no. That's not what the patch does. It applies the Physical/Special split not the icons itself.


^this. Thats exactly what I mean. You can't just make something without everyone saying it's good. Everyone has different opinions. Saying Ruby Destiny is one of the best hacks on pc is an opinion not a fact. (I'm not hating on the ruby destiny series, It's a pretty cool hack). I'm not hating on your hack, it's just that you should take other people's opinions and use that to make your hack better instead of not listening at all and saying your hack is already good enough. I've played Dark Rising enough to know that you have to grind, battle trainers that are overleved, and worst of all there are lots of trainers on every route.

And awards really? Just cause you won awards you go ahead and think that your hack is already the best? NONONONONO.


You saying no one taking your hack seriously is like saying you don't take your hack seriously at all. Sometimes you get positive reviews sometimes you don't. You can't just go on ahead and say "Oh my hack got some awards. I don't need to improve it anymore."