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Originally Posted by Lugia's Shadow View Post
Hi there! ^.^
I'm Lugia's Shadow, and I came here looking for a fun little forum to call home :) If I'm not off battling (I'm quite the experimentalist), I'm tucked in, chatting to my friends and people around me. If you've ever seen a user called Shadow Lugia or Spookeon over on Pokemon Showdown, you've most certainly spotted me :D. So, if you ever see me on PC, or PS, stop by, chat with me and let the good times roll ~(^_^)~
Oh, hello there Lugia! Welcome to PC! It's really nice to see you here. Remember me? I'm one of the regulars on the server as well; you probably might have seen me around. c:

You like battling, right? There's the Battle Center where you can discuss everything you want about battling.
Hmm.. Besides battling, what else are you interested in? There are lots of things to do around this place, as you can see. Perhaps you could join in the ever active X & Y speculations, or try your hand at roleplaying in the Roleplay Corner thread? Your options are limitless! Go ahead and try out many other different things here, and make sure you have fun!

If there's anything you're unsure about, feel free to ask our lovely moderators Cid and Cirno, or if you just wanna chat and make a new friend, do send me a VM and say hi! :3 See ya around~