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Nathan - Afraid to die

Nathan woke up to the sounds of banging next door, so naturally he went to look. He knocked on the door just to hear 'get lost you freak!' Rude. Everyone here was so rude, ignorant and so brutal. Nathan hated it, but still, he wanted to finish this league. He returned to the room, returned his pokémon, grabbed a sandwich, and left the hotel. His first stop was the market, to buy essentials needed for surviving, as he reached the market he released Nitro to help him with the carrying. He gave Nitro a large tent and some blankets, and got some berries and other food seeds to carry. He knew that Celebi and Buzz were both good with plants so he came up with the idea that perhaps he could instantly grow berries! It was a longshot idea but it just might work! He also bought a smallish kind of axe, enough to cut small logs for firewood. Nath had already planned everything through, the sleeping arrangements, the food, but the only thing troubling Nath was water. He needed water, Nath was already starting to panic! He tried to think. 'Surely there's rivers, then Celebi's ability purify... No, it sounds good but I can't take risks... or if Celebi and Glade use their psychic to remove the dirt... May take some practise but it just might work!' Nath was thinking so hard, he said all that out loud, making people turn to him and stare at him. He felt very awkward, and slightly uncomfortable, but he felt pleased that he had thought up an idea. Nath was walking back to the hotel when he heard a couple talking about one of the badge battles from downstairs. Curious, Nathan went to see what was going on, and it was true. Apparently, according to the information he received from another man, the person challenging people to battles was a Team Magma grunt. Nath was determined to battle this guy, so he walked up and stated 'I wish to challenge you! I bid 1 badge piece!'

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