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Originally Posted by warship View Post
hi * typhlosion *! well i wont lie to you i DID think typhlosion was your favorite pokemon when i saw your name :D well you seem like a normal student like me except i dont annoy my parents that much but
1.i dislike school( cuz hate is a strong word)
2.Who doesn't love unhealthy things like chocolate and chips
3.i dunno about you but my grades are far from good
so yeah i think we're similar and why do you think you embarassed yourself? your introduction was great you gave out many details so we can get to know you better btw if you want to talk about hacking other than the emulation forums you can vm me too
Well cyndaquill is always my starter in GSC (crystal mostly xD) and I like the sound of the name of typhlosion so I started to use it as my nickname and the "stars" are just a finishing touch xD

You're right, hate is a strong word, but dislike seemed too "kind" xD
I just finished having dinner, and you are already giving me hungry xD
My grades are mediocre, but they could be better if I wasn't such a lazy guy xD

I think that my introduction was stupid but I'm glad you liked it xD Unfortunately I'm having less time than I expect, so I didn't make progress at all :s

Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Hi guuuys! :3 Hope you're all having a great day!

Wow, Typhlosion isn't your favorite? I'd never assume otherwise. :O But omg I hate school too. I'm a senior in college and am just about done with only four classes left. Good thing too, since it's so annoying to have to go for so long at this point.

But awww, I'm sure you didn't embarrass yourself, we've all been there before on forums! I remember getting a warning on another forum one time for having a large signature. Disappeared from there for a few days when that happened since I was so embarrassed haha.
You wouldn't? xD I'm surprised to be honest xD
You're almost there, keep up and you'll finish it in no time

I have to say that I'm not a very good fan of forums xD And because I thought my introduction was stupid I felt a little embarrassed xD I'm glad that I never had problems with my signature, mostly because I rarely use it xDD
Until I come up with something better this will do xD