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I didn't really think of most of the things you said :/ Ill remake the Su and repost it in about 30 minutes

Name: (Self-explanatory) Nathan Lee

Age: (13-18) 14

Gender: (Male/Female) male

Appearance: (What your character looks like) light blue and long hair, quite scraggy and messed up. His complexion is young and has a few freckles. He wears a black t-shirt, with a purple fleecy, and bright blue chinos, along with white trainers. He is thin at a glance, but he has some body fat that sticks out forwards, which he can feel ashamed of, but it's hardly noticed at all. He is quite tall for a 14 year old and fits into medium size mens clothes.

Personality: (How your character acts) He believes that his life has meaning to it, wether he is a bad person, Nath doesn't want to suffer anymore. He looks up to Team G(something sorry) as he feels like they could stop him from suffering, even if it does cost a few lives. Nathan is cool headed and calm in rough situations, he wants to prove to the world that he is more than just 'Nathan' Nath knows that overeacting can get him into trouble, so he tries to hide his past by pretending to be someone he is not. He can sometimes be scared by larger pokémon but he can withstand small ones, although he hates pokémon battling. He doesn't care much for other people very much, as he has no family or friends. He often cries in private to let is emotions go, but he hates letting other people see his emotion. He doesn't even show anger, but fear can easily control him.

History: (Your character’s back story, tell us about how they grew up and where, things they’ve experienced etc.) Nath never had any friends and was often bullied. He grew up with a good family which unfortunately died due to a pack of wild mighteyena's. He has ever since been afraid of large pokémon. He was taken to Littleroot town and was adopted by Mr Corosska, a nice man, but Nath was allways hesitant to get to know him. He has had a tough life. He has only ever battled once, which was when he was getting mugged and a wild combusken offered to help. Ever since that, he understood that not all pokémon are bad, meaning that he could withstand some of the pokémon he may encounter.


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