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Originally Posted by Mac View Post
Alexial: I can't believe you think that they'd kill a baby on TV... :(
ANLIUDNFlsnda;ng I never said I wanted her to die! D: BUT SHE DID IN THE COMIC OKAY?!?!

Besides, I figured AMC had a rule against killing kid on TV.. but then that whole thing with Sophia happened and that theory went out the window. I'm just sayin' I wouldn't put it past Kirkman to kill off Judith. ;o;

Anyway... hopes for season four.

I mean, do I really need to say it? You guys already know what I'm going to say.

TANKS ;( I can even settle with armored vehicles of some kind. Heck, I'll even reduce that to turret mounted ATVs or something. Honestly, just gimme back Dale's RV and have the Governor throw darts out of it. Anything that actually impacts the story in a significant way. I just want to finally see the climax between Woodbury and the prison.
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