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Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
what is nidoran f and nidoran m

what is mew and mewtwo

what is volbeat and illumise

i dont think we have patterns to go off of here, i don't think we can sanely conclude whether or not it is a new pokémon to be honest.
There's way more difference between Mew and Mewtwo than there is between Mewtwo and the new Pokémon.

Nidorans and Volbeat/Illumise aren't a good argument since they're gender-related counterparts.

It's not a matter of patterns, but common sense. All of Deoxys' formes are substantially different from each other, yet you can still recognize each forme as Deoxys, because each has a few of Deoxys' distinguishing features.

Moreover, the new movie is going to star Mewtwo, and not a completely new Pokémon as previous movies have.

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