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Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
For the girl and the boy being 17 they look really small, don't you think?
I mean the OW's the gilrs is almost like the half of that youngster boy, if she's 17 then she should at least be as big as him.

Other then that I really like these screenshots, actually turned alot better out then I was expecting.

Only sugguestion would be that you maybe add your own palette to the trees so they would'nt look to much B/W palette.
Also giving this game yoru won touch.
That's just a regular citizen (?) and not a Youngster. The Youngster's OW it's the same size as the hero. (I use a template, same size as Hilda/Hilbert)

I'm working on the pallete right now, thanks for the suggestion

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