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Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
One thing I was not expecting, was for James to straight up kick Victreebel in the face! That really made the episode for me.
same omg. That was amazing.

Right, well, moving on swiftly! If you still want to discuss The Fortune Hunters, head to the Kanto/Orange/Johto Discussion thread. But it's the 6th, so it's new episode time! Since Necrum actually put in a vote [remember to do that guys goodness] we'll be watching The Bicker the Better! There's the Bulba link. Basically, the twerps are headed for Fortree, Ash and May fight, Jessie and James fight, and there are like three double battles.

You have from April 7th to April 13 to watch and discuss this episode!

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