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Greetings all! For the past couple of years PC has remained largely static in terms of how community-wide votes/ polls are conducted in the Emulation section. Very few changes have been made to how they are run due to not seeing a need for change, or even laziness when it comes to deciding on possible steps forward. The annual PC tradition of complaining about the winner is unlikely to go away as a result, but hopefully a shake-up of the voting process could help to alleviate some of the problems that this system is being blamed for.

The goal of this thread is to gauge the community's opinions on how future competitions should be run and what alterations (if any) could be applied as fairly as possible.

Some possible changes that have been raised by members so far include:
  • Making ballots secret
  • Enforcing a post number/ membership length requirement to newer voters
  • Preventing voters from voting for the same hack more than a certain number of times on a single ballot (over multiple categories)
  • Preventing team members (not just the owner) from voting for a hack
  • Having a weighted score distribution of some kind
  • Making it so only hacks that have a public beta can be voted for
  • Having a dozen or so pre-selected hacks up for category nomination in the first round rather than every hack on the forum being eligible
  • Adding a nomination round where people nominate hacks which are then check up against qualification criteria before moving to a public voting round
  • Allowing Sideshow Showcase hacks to be eligible in certain categories (e.g Graphics and Gameplay)
  • Removing the public vote entirely and leaving it up to just a handful of veterans

By all means, these are not the only ideas up for debate - They're just to get the ball rolling. What we really want to hear is what you want changed. This may turn out to be an massive overhaul of what has been a pretty copy+paste system so if you would like to be heard, now is the time to speak up!

We would mainly like to hear from people who have experienced one, two or even more Hack of the Year/ other large community competitions, but if you have an idea to improve future contests then don't hesitate to chime in!