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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
Either way, playing with a loaded gun not the brightest of ideas
especially with a room full of police..

Then you're wrong.
Really? So you know for a fact that is what they are trying to achieve? He has said this? Really? I must have missed that.

So he starves his people a bit more and blames the starvation on foreign powers. He knows nobody's going to do anything unless he actually sends weapons out. You don't really seem to understand how North Korea (or international policy as a whole) works.
I understand perfectly, I also understand its never actually gone this far. I also know even if he sends weapons out no one will still be willing to talk. I also know all this started over broken deals and a nuclear test and/or N korea wanting to launch a satellite into orbit. I also know that they didn't need to put the sanctions on them like they did. Why cant N. Korea launch a satellite into orbit? We have thousands and so do most other countries... It just seems we do our best to maintain power around the world by not letting other countries advance..
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