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The duck embryo was implanted with chicken stem cells. These cells were so "stem" that they not only divided into sex cells, but other cells as well. It's a mix of 100% chicken DNA and 100% duck DNA, making it a chimera. My bad, it's not a chimera. Chimeras develop when you have at least two cell populations from two fertilized eggs. Mosaicism occurs when this happens from a single fertilized egg. This, I guess would be completely different because the "other" genetic material was introduced artificially. But this kind of having two different cell populations at the same time can occur in humans, and is responsible for some of our sex chromosome diseases like Kleinfelters and XYY and stuff we learned in sex ed.

Imagine we were implanted with gorilla stem cells. We might have gorilla sperm XD As well as gorilla muscles/skin or whatever depending on where those stem cells migrate to and how they differentiate.
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