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In terms of conventional warfare with airpower + armoured vehicles + missiles + artillery, the North Koreans would probably get destroyed by South Korea/United States/China, but not before causing maybe 2 million civilian casualties due to population density and distance. Otherwise they should be defeated relatively quickly as air superiority + concentration of force + technology should destroy their command structure and their ability to call on support, making their forces combat ineffective. Like how the ground war with Iraq, if I remember correctly, lasted a couple of months.
Again this is all just assumptions, you dont know this for sure and wont till if/when we go to war with them. Yea it seems we would win but crazier things have happened in the world. Think back to Hannibal and Rome. He didnt really beat rome but he caused them great damage and loss of life. If rome didnt resort to cheap tatics by cutting off the carthaginians food supply hannibal might have crushed rome...

I'm just saying its possible we could lose, china could support NK and russia as well.. I wish people would stop being so arrogant, hell this country was founded by us defeating the British which no one thought we ever could..
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