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Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I really appreciate it. :D

@Chesu Thank you for the advice! I was thinking I'd try recoloring it in brown and go from there but I'm not sure. And looking back on it, it's totally a rabbit. I need to fix it up!

New sprite! (from X/Y's create a pokemon event)

It's 12 colors unless I missed any.

Squincre (Squid + encre - french for ink)

Pokedex entries:

This pokemon covers its head in the oil from oil spills. It makes its home amongst underwater garbage.

As Squincre swim they leave an inky trail from the oil on their heads. It is said that a Squincre was the inspiration for the fountain pen.

If anyone follows this gallery (which i doubt you would since it's updated very infrequently) I mean to update it a LOT more frequently. Hopefully at least once a week, but we'll see. And vacation is just around the corner too :]
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