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Originally Posted by Seth Tempest View Post
Can I get a respin on my leafgreen team due to zubat being incapable to fight for himself in the start of the game and also to the fact that I am being beat by everything.
I'm doing an Pokemon Emerald run with Phanpy Xatu and Wobbuffet. Take a look at those movesets and realise it couldve been a lot worse.

- Donphan lv 34 Take down, Rollout, Defence Curl, Flail
- Xatu lv 31 Peck, Night Shade, Steel Wing, Teleport
- Wobbuffet lv 30 Encore, Counter, Mirror Force, Safeguard
Donphan Finally got rollout at lv 33. Just wrecked the 4e gym (Flannery). 1 Defence Curl + 1 Rollout by Donphan took out the entire gym. Gonna go Battle Norman now. I hope Xatu will get better moves anytime soon.
My Progress. Can I be added to the list of challengers?

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