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Originally Posted by mimimahboul View Post
I just don't understand North Korea's president, does he want peace or war?
He wants peace but with the country standing in the boder of economic meltdown for decades, the only way to stop a revolution is keeping the country ready for a fantastic war against an imaginary enemy- namely the US and their Empire and all of that. Without a foreign "threat" to keep them unite, the citizens might start to wonder why they can't have three daily meals all seven days a week.

Not to mention Un was picked to be the next country dictator because he was the "less bad" son in Il's family- he's not really trained for leadership, he's too young in a country full of really old people, and all rumours say his father-in-law is really the one calling the shots and keeping the military at bay. If he doesn't do anything to prove his leadership soon, he risks a coup d'etat from his own army. And the best way to stop that is keeping them busy studying plans to invade California.

Plus, if he gets to negotiate food for "good behaviour", the better for him.

Originally Posted by twocows
Having a loaded gun is a lot different than firing a loaded gun. Or in this case, pointing a loaded gun at a room full of armed police officers with their assault rifles trained on you and making empty threats at them is a lot different than firing that gun at them.
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