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Originally Posted by AXELXu7 View Post
Don't get me wrong, I dislike all religion equally. Anything that teaches that the world was created quickly and by magical creatures/deities that is taken seriously halts progress. But I happen to like the voucher system. It's like an order to abandon ship, this ship being a shoddy school that doesn't get the job done. If i'd had this opportunity growing up, I probably wouldn't have dropped out and gotten my G.E.D. That being said, I wouldn't have adhered to the religious aspects of a private school, and not all private schools are religion-based. Take George Carlin for example, He was raised Irish-Catholic, but it never stuck with him. Indoctrination is dependent on the receiver, if you're weak-minded, or you're missing vital parts of your life, you can be lead to believe that the earth was created in seven days, and you'll be sent to a place of immortal torture for eating the wrong meat on the wrong day.
Clearly you would have had no problem in a Catholic school then since both evolution and the big bang theory are fine under the faith. I went to Catholic school (although still a public school where I live), and while Genesis and such is taught - it is taught during religion class. Bible studies. Then during science class, you learn science. You learn that stuff. And the birds and the bees, as it were. And all that. No seven days nonsense.

I went to Catholic school and I think the experience would have been largely the same as a public school except for having a mass in the gym around Christmas and Easter.

No nuns around either.
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