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Quote originally posted by BlahISuck:
Three words: but you're Canadian! The debate for creationism vs. evolution is one they have in the states but not here. Kind of like how our conservative party recognizes samesex marriage and how abortion has been put off of national debate. I suppose old debates have resurfaced or it was never resolved in the first place.
True. So glad I live here XD

But, I was mostly responding to his comment: "Take George Carlin for example, He was raised Irish-Catholic, but it never stuck with him. Indoctrination is dependent on the receiver, if you're weak-minded, or you're missing vital parts of your life, you can be lead to believe that the earth was created in seven days"

The seven days nonsense. The Catholic Church is fine with the big bang theory and evolution. Heck, the big bang theory was first proposed by a Catholic priest / Jesuit.

Misrepresentation :p

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