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EName: Mr. Ace steel (he hates being called a mister, and prefers to be called steel)

Age: 23

Gender: male

Dorm allegiance: entei dorm

Appearence: height-5,6. Skin color-pale. Hair color-eye length, blond. Eyes-green. Clothes-black hoodie with silver poke'ball emblem on the back, black fingerless gloves, red and black shoes, and a silver ring with a red gem, other-a large scarr running down his back.

Job: physical and mental endurence training for trainers and their pokemon.

Personality: ace is very fight loving, energetic, and stubborn person, he beleives that stregth, and power are useful, but willpower and endurence are the most important features, he despises bullies and cowards, but hates quitters most of all, and claims that, in a battle, he would rather be defeated than give up, some say this is cruel to his pokemon, but his friends know that his pokemon feel the same way.

History: he grew up in veridian city, with his constantly sick mother, getting into many fights to protect children from bullies, his mother knew he didn't mean to cause her stress, its in his nature to fight for what he believes in, so on his thirteenth birthday she used the money he saved up to buy one pokeball for him to become a pokemon trainer, on the day he left, he promised to become rich and famous, so that his mother would no longer be sick or poor. Not long after ace left veridian city, ace was searching for his first pokemon to catch, but after hours of searching he found nothing. As he was setting up a makeshift campsite, he heard a strange noise coming from a clearing and decided to investigate, what he found was a baby aron being brutally beaten by a wild scyther, the aron was badly wounded and wouldn't last much longer, in a desperate move to save the young pokemon, he threw himself inbetween the two pokemon. The resulting attack wasnt deep enough to kill him but it was however enough to scarr him. After the attack the scyther seemed confused by his interference and stalked off. Ace used this time to getaway and find a pokemon center, he almost lost hope of finding one until he broke through the thick foilage of the trees to find the familiar red and white colors of a pokemon center, he rushed the wounded pokemon through the doors of the pokemon center just in time to collapse from his loss of blood. Ace woke up a day later to find the himself in a hospital bed in the back of the pokecenter with a dull pain on his back, he turned his head to see the pokemon he saved sleeping at the edge of his bed, he asked nurse joy how long it had been there and she told him that it had stayed by his side the the entire time, ace was surprised by this pokemons kinddness and thaught it was funny for that little pokemon to ignore the nurses wishes like that, then a thaught crossed his mindA Does the aron have parents? The nurse shook her head and told him that it was abbandonned by its parents, ace then asked if it were possible for him to take care of the young aron, the nurse nodded and asked if he was sure about his decision, ace nodded in merely nodded in reply. Ace was happy to have his first pokemon, even if it did cause him injury in the process, as the young aron looked at his new trainer with fiery determination, and exitement in his eyes ace decided to name him rebel becouse of his stubborn attitude. With new determination, ace continued on his jouney with his new partner. After years of hard fought gym battles and adventures, ace had gained 5 more pokemon non his journeys with rebel, but was still no closer to his goal. One day as ace was heading to his hotel after a long day of trainer battles, ace heard about a job opening at a pokemon academy, and out of curiosity, decided to look into it.

Pokemon: aggron (rebel) male level 53
Arcanine (glory) female level 48
Arbok (patience) male level 44
Garadoase (freedom) male level 46

Moves: rebel-irontail, metalclaw, skullbash, hyperbeam, harden, earthquake, rocktomb
Glory-fireblast, flamewheel, roar, bite, tackle, overheat,
Patience-poisonfang, coil, glare, sludge, hyperfang, substitute
Freebom-surf, hydro-pump, dragon-rage, crunch, fly, bodyslam

Other info: all of aces pokemon have a story behind their nicknames. Ace got the scar on his back from an angry scyther, while protecting a baby aron. Even though ace is almost as young as the students at the academy, what he lacks in age, and wisdom, he makes up for in experience and skill. Although he's a teacher, ironicly enough ace hates authority, and hates being reminded that he has to follow rules just like everyone else. Many students wonder how ace got his ring, but he

Gotta catch'em all
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