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Quote originally posted by Lopnis:
>Wait if you have a Note Pad for the investigation shouldn't you have a pen?
Snapping your fingers you pull out your pen. As you rub it across the paper the words "Visit old" appear, unfortunately for you the pen happens to run out of ink.
Quote originally posted by Lopnis:
>If you don't check see if you can bum one off Derrick or someone else working here
Tossing your pen to the floor you turn to Derrick. "Hey, you got a spare pen?"
"I... er, well I did... but I lost it in the car..."
"Great, now we can't haul people away until we find that pen."
"Why not?"
"You ever wonder why they only give the crazy people crayons in the asylums?"
Quote originally posted by Lopnis:
>Take the Note Book with you
Sighing, you pick it up and pocket it, hoping to find something of use for later.
Quote originally posted by Lopnis:
>See if you can find his boss or coworkers nearby
You hear the door opening behind you and turn. There stands an overweight man in a jumpsuit. He belches loudly and approaches. "Evenin' officer." Snipper is eyeing the man cautiously. Judging by the mop he is carrying, he's probably the janitor.
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