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Ok so I know I said I wouldn't post an update until 8:00, but I'm fixing to stop playing for right now and watch some TV so I figured I'd go ahead and make an update for you guys so here it goes:

Ok so you said we could hack in a Pokemon so I used Pokegen to make a Torchic Egg that when it hatched was an adamant nature and had it's egg move night slash (you said we could use egg moves) and I generated a code and added it to my game, so with that said here is the update:

-I began the game and got through the deadbeat intro
-I started my Aventure in Newbark Town where I received a Chkiorita from the Town's Professor Elm (Using it for an HM Slave incase you were curious), got a Pokenav from my mom and set off past Newbark Town on Route 29

-After making it past Route 29 I met a kind old man in Cherrygrove City who gave me the Running Shoes

-It was then that I withdrew my Torchic Egg from the PC and ran around town for a couple of minutes to hatch it

-I then proceeded to go back to Route 29 where I trained said Torchic to Level 6
-After that I traveled through Route 30 where I not only received an Apricorn Box from an old man who I suspect to be a pedofile, but I also met Mr. Pokemon and Professor Oak the other pedo living on the Route

-After receiving the Mystery Egg from Mr. Pokemon I got a call from Professor Elm telling me to get back to the Lab A.S.A.P so I proceeded to head back

-On the way back to Newbark I encountered a Redheaded boy who said I was weak and challenged me to a battle which I not so surprisingly won

-After reaching Newbark Town and heading back into the Lab I am then accused of Stealing a Pokemon when Lyra comes in and alerts the cop to the redheaded boy of whom I battle earlier

-After telling the cop the redheaded boy's name was Silver I gave Professor Elm the egg and headed back out

-Once I made it back to Route 30 I proceeded to destroy several trainers on the Route until I arrived in Violet City

-Once I arrived in Violet City I proceeded North to the Sprout Tower where I earned the Elder's respect and recieved TM 70 Flash

-At that point I headed to the Violet City Gym where I battle Falkner and won receiving the Zephyr Badge and witnessing Volcanoes's(Torchic's) Evoluton into a Combusken where he then learned Double Kick and Peck(Which are both freakishly overpowered btw)

-Afterwards I got a call from Elm telling me to go get the egg from earlier from his assistant in the Pokemart, after receiving the egg and exiting the mart I ran into a Girl who said I was talented as a trainer and said I was a good owner to take care of said egg

-I then headed south to Route 33(Could be 32 I don't exactly remember) and battled several trainers making it to the Union Cave

-I began to explore the cave a little bit, but it wasn't too far into the cave when I quit playing

I hope you all enjoyed this little update on my adventure and stay tuned for the next Exciting Part of GameMaster0015's Pokemon Ultimate Solo Challenge!!

I would have posted screenshots of my Combusken, but I can't put Image URLs until I've posted 15 times which I apparently haven't yet XD
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