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After he put this foward, he immediately started taking flak - And a lot of it - for his inclusion of Chained CPI.

Given his earlier comments about not wanting to touch SSI, this addition seems strange yeah? Seems like this plan would do more harm then good for his approval ratings yes?

At first glance, it's hard to see just why he would put C-CPI in with it. I see his budget being, pretty much, a game of political Russian Roulette.

Because he has tax changes in the budget as well, he's running on the hope that Republicans will outright reject this.

If the Republicans reject it, then we'll most likely get to play another game of debt ceiling chicken - A game that would have the Republicans losing support. If they pass it, then because of the tax changes, the Republicans would lose support - again. Alternatively, Republicans could amend his plan to remove these taxes but keep the Chained CPI - Pissing off a much smaller amount of Republican voters and also giving Obama a chance to call them out for screwing over Seniors at the benefit of the rich.

Basically, he's hoping that this gamble will **** Republicans more then it will **** him.

Given that Boehner immediately rejected it - Saying that his plan, which included cuts that a majority of Republicans have been wanting/demanding, was no way to move the country forward - I think that Obams's gamble might pay off.
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