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So... uh, why does the President put out a budget instead of the Secretary of the Treasury? Just seems weird to me.

Regardless, I'm glad that a budget will be proposed. I hope something is passed. A real budget. No more of these silly "continuing resolutions".

And, I'm fine C-CPI (I prefer it, actually). It makes sense. Accuracy is always good. If there wasn't "Obamacare" coming, then I'd have a different stance. That should hopefully do something to address rising health care costs, which would be a reason to keep the current method otherwise. The idea is supported by all those bipartisan commission deals, like Bowles-Simpson.

I'm hoping it isn't politics, as Mr. X suggested. There needs to be a proper proposal, and proper debate, and give and take on both sides... which is so not going to happen. Regardless, the budget is like the government's agenda for the year (and beyond), so I hope Obama's being honest. And I think he is. It's mostly inline with stuff he's said before. Like while on the campaign trail last summer, "What I’ve said is, let’s make long-term spending cuts; let’s initiate long-term reforms; let’s reduce our health care spending; let’s make sure that we’ve got a pathway, a glide-path to fiscal responsibility, but at the same time, let’s not under-invest in the things that we need to do right now to grow."

Also, it would replace the sequester. You replace stupid cuts with smart cuts. So, that's good too.

Hoping for science and infrastructure investments too. We'll see.

EDIT: There's an overview up on the administration's site. Although it doesn't mention C-CPI there
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