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Quote originally posted by trilobitez:
guys help me out, im in team aqua hideout and i already got masterball, is there any important people or item aside from master ball? And if theres none where/what would i go/do next help me anyone. Thanks!
There is no other Ball which offers highest catch rate in Flora Sky. You just carry on playing the hack and enjoy the features

Quote originally posted by shadowtiger5476:
Sir Sky, is there any chance to get draco meteor in flora sky hack ?
As SKY is no longer working on it so your request is likely to be ignored

Quote originally posted by Brad4017:
Where exactly do I go after Groudon runs away from Maxi? The guide says Team Magma Hideout but which one and where exactly?

edit: To clarify, I was going through mt. fiery (I think) and Maxi (again, I think, but I'm pretty sure) and he used the blue orb on Groudon and he ran away, I then faught him and beat him, and im clueless as to where to go next.
When you arrive First time in Charpos Island, go Eastwards where an event will occur on its Harbor. After that you have to go on Magma's hideout which is located in South-West of the island
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