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I do this a lot in games, mostly when I fund myself stricken by boredom.

Most of my "self-imposed" challenges resort to FIFA 13, generally where most are possible on the Ultimate Team game mode, as well as Career mode. Before I impose a challenge, quite obviously, it would be after I have completed the game and/or have a comfortable experience with it. CoD is an exception, because I have played it for so many years and each game it just takes the guns and maps to get used to. On CoD, I normally would go for challenges such as achieving a certain prestige using a default class or using one gun throughout or just using a type of knife - something of that sort; nothing too complex.

However, with games now I haven't really challenged myself an awful much, but I probably should try, maybe something with Zombies; but that's still CoD... I'll probably end up editing this post with a new challenge I have set myself, perhaps in Skyrim. Just, I don't really enjoy having 2 saves going on at once in that game and I don't fancy deleting my character because it's been a lot of effort getting him to what he is now xD. Let me think...

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