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I'll post a comment than... One word... Basic... Thare is 2 thugz n dis world, thare is thnkers and thare's doers and thare's wnners and thare's drebeers (see tha joke)... Tha first thng you must ask ask yoself is, which one is you?! Around here we don't need empty drebes and thugz who thnk tao much fo thamselves, however thare is nothng here ta do, you could accomplish all dis n 4 maps... Yo followng post is where you can make or break, give us more of an idea and tell us where you thnk dis is gong, where you want it ta go and more depth ta tha gbee... Everythng bout dis gbee can come from answerng tha next 2 words.

Impress me.
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