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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
You do know the chances of getting a Pokémon with all 31 IVs AND good nature AND shiny are extremely slim, right? I'll eat my hat if Pokégen is banned next gen yet we still see a Pokémon like this. The odds are completely against the player.

And RNG is cheating as well. You need an external program (RNG Reporter) to even find your seed and calibrate your DS. How's that different from using an AR? It's even an improper way of cheating, since, if you know what you're doing, you can replicate a Pokémon with Pokégen and Nintendo won't even know it was hacked.
Yes I know the chances are slim, but it will only take one person to successfully breed a perfect shiny and somewhere down the road im sure there will be a way to clone and then the pokemon will be infecting the online play. If there was a way to ban pokegen pokemon on online battles but allow the program to be used for the story-mode I wouldnt mind at all. I also disagree, RNG is not cheating. There is a lot of time and preparation involved.
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