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Quote originally posted by TRIFORCE89:
To who? How does a supreme leader need to prove themselves? Do the citizens know its all a facade?
The problem is that the North Korean people don't know it's all a façade. Many have been brainwashed for years to think that their country is the strongest in the world on many levels. Kim Jon-Un is fairly new to the political system left by his forefathers (what can be considered communism), and he's also fairly young. He needs to gain support within his own country and among his generals if he wishes to get anywhere. He also wants to "scare" the international community into thinking he's some sort of paramount ruler that has the Earth's fate in his hands. The sad part is that his generals are probably going to continue to run the show regardless of whether he thinks he's on top or not. He might not be a supreme leader to the international community, but he's greatly idolized by his own people, although most are starving and living in deplorable conditions. They have no other way of knowing what's going on in North Korea or around the world except for what they see in the censored state news that is broadcast throughout the country, and this obviously bias news station depicts North Korea as being a powerful country that the rest of the world is afraid of. We all know the truth, though, but that's just how communism works. If war were to ever break out, I really feel bad for the innocent people living in North Korea, because they are pretty much just products of a corrupt system and regime.
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