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Quote originally posted by Rai:
I don't understand either. But then again, I don't like guys at all so...

As a lesbian, straight love or yoai love doesn't make as much sense to me as yuri. I am not saying that they are a bad thing, though. There are a lot of straight and gay couples I find cute. I guess I am just too gay to comprehend lol.

Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I just a weirdo? D; x3
I don't even like porn, but I sure as heck like yuri better than straight or yaoi. Same thing here, I am just too gay to even think of watching a dude at all.

Quote originally posted by Shining Raichu:
It's kind of weird if you think about it - homosexuality is often seen as unnatural and like it makes no sense whatsoever, but a homosexual's porn habits make a lot more instant sense than a straight person's do.
Yeah. Usually gay people just prefer gay porn, or so it seems. (I sure do)
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