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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
That's nothing really new, they've been getting progressively worse since the 4th or 5th one. Those were the last ones I've seen.
Last one I saw, I think, was Jirachi. What was that? Fifth? Sixth? Card was cool.

As for Mewbuu, I don't really mind that Mewtwo was altered / this Pokemon was based off of Mewtwo. It doesn't "ruin" my childhood whatsoever. It takes an old storyline - create the strongest Pokemon in the world from the genes of an ultra rare, never-really-seen-before Pokemon called Mew - and revives it into something new and modern. What I really wonder is: since Team Rocket did it, why (since then) has no one else attempted it? It actually felt weird that no one else was going after what, in Kanto's age, was apparently the "strongest Pokemon in the world;" it's like the idea died with Mewtwo.

Now, given everyone's memories were erased at the end of Mewtwo Strikes Back, you might think that no one suddenly thought of it again. Well, I'm sure computer data files were not wiped (nothing mentioned of that in the film - only human memories of the "bad guys") and that paperwork and data would still be lying around HQ. The lab was destroyed in Pokemon: The First Movie, but I doubt they didn't have online back-ups or anything; thus, why didn't Team Rocket realize that they had that data, or why did no other criminal organization think about it when Mew was universally known as the "strongest Pokemon" in existence?

Or maybe they were so off elsewhere that the legend of Mew was never revealed to them? In that case, all of this region-crossing would allow for such information to fall on the ears of such a criminal organization foreign to TR and Kanto, and thus allow for a Mewbuu mutation or development to occur.

Forme or not, I'm just glad they revived something that inexplicably died with Mewtwo Strikes Back. Humans want power. If Mew is the most powerful Pokemon in existence, then someone ought to have picked up on that after the first movie's sequel; especially since they're developing more "technological" regions like Unova.

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