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Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
It doesn't say it was Team Rocket, but they say in-game that they're always after the strongest Pokemon, and that their plans were always foiled somehow by the player. What were those plans? Conquering the world? Theirs was more geared towards finding and stealing the world's strongest Pokemon... and since Giovanni was such a powerful influence (and a lot of his "Rockets" were scientists and engineers in-game, too), it can be suggested that even in R/B/Y, Mewtwo was the result of Team Rocket's lust for the world's most powerful Pokemon. Also, a lone team of scientists probably wouldn't have the funding Giovanni could have made available, being a mobster and all (and just look at that suit; the guy's obviously loaded). If he didn't start it, I bet'cha Giovanni at least funded the operation.

That's what I'm going with, anyway. Regardless, Team Rocket or not, it was genetically engineered, so why did no one attempt this after Mewtwo "ran away" and hid in Cerulean Cave, apparently never to be seen again (until you stumble on it... but that's not even part of the storyline and could be skipped / missing entirely)?

Still doesn't make much sense, and still makes me happy to see that after four generations (not including R/B/Y), this was finally revisited. Yay, Mewbuu.
It's a convenient explanation, but it's head canon based on how little the game tells us.

Adding spice to it, it's possible Giovanni was after the Master Ball (I'm not sure why he invaded Silph but this is a likely reason) with the specific intent of capturing Mewtwo.

But really, Mewtwo and the whole Cerulean Cave are just a reward for completing the game. They added a little story to justify his existence, but that's all.

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