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Pokémon Dust Version hack!!!
Introduction to team:
I want to create a team which is going to make rom hacks two which have been selected so far: Pokémon XD gale of darkness remake, and Pokémon Dust version both will be explained in the plot! But the first rom hack the team will be making is the Pokémon Dust version. The outcome for the team members is to make great hacks, make new friends and to learn new things while doing it! And also there is a job for all forms of rom hackers from scripting to composing music for the rom hacks.

Hacks to be created within this team!
1. Pokémon Trix version. For GBA
More coming soon!
The plot!

Pokémon dust Version-
The game begins at a town “Dust town” Living there is a young man (PLAYER) His father is mysteriously gone one night. And the player goes to find where. The PLAYER then realises that his father was a trix (evil team) peon. He feels trauma as he does not know what to do. There his father standing there with a bunch of grunts holding the trix flag with their logo on it.
This game was a good idea because: you may either join the dad or you may flee and defeat the team of trix.

Positions available:
Advanced Scripter, ASM coder, General helper, mapper, beta tester, Tile Spriter, Tiles inserter, title screen hacker, music inserter/ creator, All around Pixel artist, banner maker, newer Pokémon inserter (4/5 generation). Trainer spriter, over world editor + other of the minor jobs. You may even like to suggest something for a team.
Most of those jobs are pretty self-explanatory. (I think) you may ask what your job entails.

Application form:
Job applying for-
Proof of work (will increase chances)-


Team has started to create Dust version, Screenshots are on the way!

The team:

Thizzman (myself)- Mapping, scripting. - You may still join for both of these.
Solid_Sphere- Scripting
BlueEon- Trainer Spriter.
8BitPotatoe- All around pixel artist, and tile spriter.
Nicholas4231996- Pokemon Spriting
Bitbybite- Mapping/Inserting Sprites/Making Fusions-NPCS


Coming soon.

Also coming soon.

Thx guys I hope you choose to join! Pls do (:
Projects I'm working on:

Pokemon Dust version GBA hack
This will be created By my team.
Team: Shadow Pokemon.

Thizz ready for epicness.